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My Favorite Photos of 2017 (Lumix Photography)

I realize people usually create these types of post in the last weeks of the year or at the beginning of the new year, but its never too late, right? Who cares anyway, I'm posting mine now. :) I'd like to share with you guys my favorite photos that I took in 2017. About two years ago I switched over from Canon to Lumix cameras and have been shooting with the Micro Four Thirds system for about two years now. I feel like I've captured some pretty nice shots with the Lumix cameras. They very lightweight and compact; great for traveling too!  Below you'll see a little bit of travel photography, street photography and landscape photography.

The following photos were all shot with Lumix cameras. I'll put the details in their respective captions. Enjoy.

A portrait of my son in Ybor City.




Long exposure shot of the Tampa Trolley. Photo: Marlon I. Torres


Fountain at the Marienplatz Square in Munich, Germany. Photo: Marlon I. Torres

The American Trade Hotel at the Plaza Herrera

Night shot of the First Baptist of Tampa. Photo: Marlon I. Torres




Agua Clara Visitor Center at the Panama Canal

Falcons vs Rams | The NFC Wild Card Experience