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Casco Viejo, Panamá | Pictures

Casco Viejo, Panamá | Pictures

Bird’s eye view of Casco Viejo, Panamá. Photo: Marlon I. Torres I was recently in Panama for a couple of days and although it was a quick trip, it was great visiting Casco Viejo. There's nothing like going back home during the summer time (at least for me). Here are some photos I took while I was walking around in the Casco Viejo (San Felipe), Panama City's old historic quarter.

Arco Chato (Flat Arch), Casco Viejo, Panamá. Photo: Marlon I. Torres

After Panama Viejo (the original city) was burned down in 1671 by the famous Caribbean pirate, Sir Henry Morgan, the city was relocated to what is now known as Casco Viejo (Casco Antiguo). "Casco" as we call it back home, was built like a traditional European city and is full of narrow brick streets that make it really nice to walk around. In 1997 Casco was designated a UNESCO World Heritage. This part of Panama City is a great area to explore.  It's an up and coming part of town that is full of history, culture, restaurants, bars, museums, shops and boutiques.

It's a really small and charming neighborhood that has over 900 buildings, but enough about it's history. Today a lot the buildings in Casco Viejo are being rehabbed and it's becoming a trendy part of town to not only visit, but to live in. Maybe, just maybe one day I'll move there. :)


Moving right along with this post! Since I had my camera and my Mavic Pro with me so I decided to take a few shots. As you can see, from Casco Viejo you have a great view of Panama City's skyline.

Next time I visit, I'd like to spend more time in this area and take more pictures. For now, I hope you like these.

Plaza de la Independencia, Casco Viejo, Panamá. Photo: Marlon I. Torres



Newly restore apartments on the beach in Casco Viejo. Photo: Marlon I. Torres

Estatua de Pablo Arosemena en la Plaza de Francia. Photo: Marlon I. Torres




Plaza Bolivar, Casco Viejo, Panamá. Photo: Marlon I. Torres


Fisherman boats, El Apache and Niña Mileidi. Photo: Marlon I. Torres

Casco Viejo, Panamá.

Casco Viejo Walking Tour (VIDEO)

Casco Viejo Walking Tour (VIDEO)

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